Book International Air Tickets on Emirates to New Destinations in Nigeria

Tickets to NigeriaPeople who are looking to book international air tickets to destinations in Nigeria can opt for popular airline, Emirates from August. This carrier is all set to increase its presence in this African nation with daily linked services to Kano and Abuja. The announcement was recently made at the celebration of 10 years of successful flights to Lagos. Currently, operations are provided to this destination twice daily. This announcement was officially made after the Federal Ministry of Aviation of Nigeria granted an approval to Emirates regarding the same.

Simultaneously, after this event, the officials of this carrier thanked the government of this nation for their constant cooperation, without which, the Dubai-based carrier would not have been able to operate here. In this aspect, the government has been a pillar of support for Emirates during this period of 10 years of services to Lagos. Significantly, the flights that will be operated to these new destinations will be in accordance to the prevalent UAE-Nigeria air services agreement. Incidentally, fliers will be able to make an Emirates ticket booking on Dubai-Abuja-Kano four times and Dubai-Kano-Abuja thrice every week. This will allow the carrier to offer best services to the Nigerian people by remaining committed wholly to the Nigerian market.

This airline, operating from its main hub at Dubai International Airport, has been instrumental in connecting popular destinations around the world like offering Delhi Bangkok flights. It is the largest name in Middle East aviation, offering over 3000 flights each week. Currently, it offers scheduled operations to approximately 150 international destinations in more than 70 nations in the six inhabited continents. It is regarded as one of the best names in global aviation and ranks among the top airlines in terms of revenue passenger kilometres, passenger carried and size of fleet. With increase in connectivity to the African country, it looks to further its global network in the recent future.

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Increasing Flight Ticket Booking Promises a Bright Future for Indian Aviation

Flight ticket booking has witnessed a significant upsurge in the current fiscal as compared to the previous. Last year was quite disappointing for Indian aviation with little to cheer about for the popular carriers. However, riding high on a successful festive season and a high sale due to discounted airfare, there was a stark improvement in this sector recently. As per the survey reports, there was a growth of over 38 per cent of the air ticketing business when compared between consecutive years. There were also reviews, which reflected that there was a significant increment in the percentage of Indians opting for online flight ticket booking in the running fiscal.

New Names in the Market

Booking platform for airlines has also seen an upsurge in the year with a number of airlines making their way on the popular portals. In this aspect, the growing nature of Indians to opt for varied options in air travelling has paved the path for this featuring of additional airlines. Recently, there was an equity partnership between Etihad and Jet, which has promoted aviation in the country. There were also an agreement between Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines (SIA); a joint venture resulted, which is expected to initiate services soon. This yet-to-be-named airline will have a 51 per cent stake from the Tata Group and the remaining will be under the control of SIA.

Spicejet flight ticket bookingPopular low-cost carrier, SpiceJet, also announced an agreement with Tiger Airways, which is targeting to increase its influence within south Asia. Though the final talks are still yet to be finalised, it is expected to boost SpiceJet flight ticket booking. The future of the Indian aviation looks quite promising under the current circumstances; a welcome change from the previous financial year, which was quite depressing for the industry. What lies in future is yet to be deciphered, however, the going is pretty good according to the current scenario.

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More Cheap International Flights from Spain with Codeshare between Etihad and Air Europa

Travellers who often fly to and from Spain have good news for them due to the codeshare agreement between Air Europa, one of its carriers and Etihad, a global name in aviation. The new year 2014 started on a positive note for both the airlines as this partnership will reap benefits for both Air Europa and the national carrier of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This means that fliers who avail these airlines will be able to get cheap international flight tickets from and to Spain as the Madrid hub of Air Europa will link with that of Etihad at Abu Dhabi. As a result of this agreement, both of them will gain accessibility to either of their network around the world, thus benefiting both in a significant way.

Accessibility to Latin American Airports

The biggest strength of the Spanish carrier is its Latin American services, which is one of the most talked about aspects as well. However, Etihad has only a single destination in this region as of now. Incidentally, this new deal will allow passengers to book an Etihad Airways flight ticket to several other Latin American destinations. This will also make it one among the three huge Gulf airlines with the widest accessibility to this region. On the other hand, the Air Europa has not yet started its services in the Middle East and Asia Pacific. As a result of this agreement, it will have an upper hand in these regions when compared to its Spanish rival, Iberia.

This will also help travellers from Spain who are planning a visit to India for the first time. The Spanish airline will have increasing network in Southeast Asia as a result of this codeshare agreement. People can also book for flight plus hotel deals India while coming to this nation for the first time.

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Air Arabia Airline made the Flag Carrier of Ras Al Khaimah

People who travel to and from the Emirates will be happy to know that Air Arabia has become the flag-carrier of Ras Al Khaimah, an important sheikhdom of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is situated in the north of the United Arab Emirates sharing borders with Musandam of Oman. This will give its residents an advantage when they book flights of this airline for travelling within the continent as well as to several parts of Europe and North Africa. In Ras Al Khaimah, the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) has recently declared that it has made a strategic agreement with this low-cost carrier (LCC). This would allow it to start its operations from Ras Al Khaimah International Airport.

Improving the Tourism Prospect

RAK, as Ras Al Khaimah is popularly known, will benefit from this step as it has become one of the most important tourist destinations in this region. Besides, it will also bring all-round development of the Emirate in terms of economy. As a result of this agreement, people will be able to book direct flights to RAK instead of making reservations for Mumbai to Dubai flights. In this aspect, officials of DCA described this agreement as a unique collaboration.

Air Arabia – Best LCC in this Region

Air Arabia airline is one of the most popular names in Middle East aviation and has recently been awarded as the best LCC at Aviation Business Awards 2013. Currently, the airline operates with over 30 Airbus A320-200 aircraft in this fleet with 10 more in the pipeline. This carrier was established in the year 2003 and offers services to nearly 90 destinations from its hubs at Alexandria in Egypt, Casablanca in Morocco and Sharjah in UAE. Apart from improving its economy, this step will also develop aviation here in the near future due to this partnership.

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IndiGo Online Booking Rises Three-folds During Discounted Sales of Flight Tickets

The popular low-cost carriers (LCCs) of Indian aviation were the major gainers during the recent discounted sale of tickets. There was no proper disclosure from any of the airlines; however, a survey conducted by leading travel portals threw light upon the fact that online flight booking of IndiGo, leaders in terms of market shares increased the most. It was estimated that the boost in ticket sales for this airline was almost as high as 300 per cent. This was a direct impact of the offered cheap airfare spanning a period of three days.

Statistical Study of Upsurge in Ticket Sales

Several interesting results emerged from these surveys that showed the reservation pattern during these period. Tickets on the Delhi-Bangalore route, which does not feature in the five top selling domestic sectors, came out as the second most booked with a growth of 800 per cent nearly. Most of these transactions came from Delhi with a little over a fifth of all bookings. It was followed by Mumbai and Bangalore with 17 and 13 per cent, respectively. In totality, it was found that flight reservations increased almost three times compared to the normal. It was clearly evident that enthusiasts had taken advantage of this reduced flight fare to plan out short getaways.

There was also a second round of deducted airfare, which was being offered in the consecutive week. The discounts were somewhat reduced, yet there was heavy booking during this interim as well. The statistical studies are yet to be published for this phase but it is expected that IndiGo online booking would once again rule the roost. The national carrier, Air India, had also taken part and even gone a step further by giving extensions to discounted rates. It would allow reservation of flight tickets at cheaper prices till February 6th and for travel after March 3rd, 2014.

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New International Flight Options in Indian Aviation with Singapore Airlines

Singapore AirlinesPopular name in global aviation, Singapore Airlines (SIA) has thrown light upon the fact that it would look forward to a progressive and steady growth model for its upcoming foray in the Indian market. It would definitely look forward to improve its facilities and mainly focus on meeting international flights requirement of cross-continental travellers. Simultaneously, it would also focus on providing premium travel experiences to its customers. As it is just about to begin services in this country, more importance will be given to consistency rather than the numbers game.

Expected to Stiffen the Competition

Similarly, Indian travellers will be excited to take advantage of the new service provider in India. In this aspect, there has been a consistent growth in the aviation sector in the previous five years, during which more travellers have turned to air travelling. Interested fliers will be able to book a Singapore Airlines flight ticket on popular travel portals as soon as it begins operating here. Incidentally, stiff competition will be offered by popular Indian names like IndiGo, who have already geared up for the new challenge. SIA has already boosted its connectivity in the country with increasing the frequency of its flights.

In this aspect, AirAsia, popular Malaysia low-cost carrier is also set to initiate its services in India. Domestic services by SIA will be initiated in a joint venture with the Tata Group in the near future subject to approval. The leading cities in the nation would be connected as per the expectations of fliers. With time, international services are also believed to be initiated like non-stop Bangalore to Singapore flights. SIA being one of the best names in the industry will definitely make the Indian carriers gear up for the challenge. As a result, the overall aviation standards are set to increase in the near future.

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Second Round of Discounts on Air Tickets by Indian Carriers

Recently, there was a mad rush for air tickets in the domestic market with most of the Indian carriers offering discounted rates. However, it was offered only for a period for three days during the third week of January, but if reports are to be believed only some people were able to book cheap tickets during this period. This offer was valid for travelling till April 15. Recently, to the joy of frequent fliers a second round of discounts were offered by the airlines. This saw a considerable rise in the sale of air tickets of all airlines.

Change in Percentage

The discounts this time around were less as compared to the previous. During the period of January 21 to 23, tickets were sold at as much as 50 per cent cheaper rates on selected routes. This time around, the reduction in airfare was reduced but the maximum discount on offer was 30 per cent. This war of lowest airfare was started by SpiceJet, but soon, other names started offering them, too. The validity of travelling dates were the same and the booking for this low rates were allowed till February 2.

Additional Clause

Go Air FlightsSome additional clauses were added this time around by carriers like the discounts for travelling was valid only for weekdays, which means between Monday and Thursday. Though these lower airfare as tagged by airlines were not much different from the original, it was welcomed warmly by frequent fliers. Most carriers offered hardly any discounts in the last fiscal due to challenging aviation and economic conditions in the country. This discounted rates paved the path for increased ticket sale for flights as depicted by the upsurge in SpiceJet and GoAir booking. It is to be seen whether a third round of reduced flight fares are offered by the leading carriers in Indian aviation in the near future.

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