Competitive International Airfare Providers Kuwait Airways Confident About Fleet Overhaul Despite Probe

Popular airline offering competitive international airfare, Kuwait Airways has declared in a statement that all the probe and investigation regarding its fleet overhaul will actually not have an impact on the procedure. Recently, there was an order from the parliament of this nation to carry out an investigation into the plan of the national carrier of Kuwait. There were speculations regarding the fleet renewal plans of the carrier after passing of this order. Some have even raised concerns about the future of this deal and its subsequent effects on the future of the airline. However, top officials have claimed that the agreement is at the proper place where it should be. Apart from this, it was also declared that they will come out clear of this little situation that they have landed into.

Passengers who are planning to book a Kuwait Airways flight ticket have nothing to worry regarding services of this carrier. There has been no significant impact on its operations and there is no huge issue about such an inquiry. Moreover, it is noteworthy that such investigations from the parliament are commonplace in this nation. In this aspect, there will be an inquiry on all contracts signed by this carrier in the recent past of this state-owned airline. This probe was ordered after Kuwait Airways placed a firm order of buying 25 aircraft from French manufacturer, Airbus. The entire deal was carried out at a huge 4.4 billion US dollars and comprised 15 A320 neo and 10 A350-900 jets.

This was considered to be one of the largest fleet renewal programs since the devastating Iraqi invasion in 1990, which shook its foundation. If the airline is successful in getting these new aircraft, it will certainly like to increase the number and frequency of its destinations like Delhi to Dubai flights.

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