Book a Lufthansa Flight to Enjoy the Services on its New Aircraft from February

German aviation giant, Lufthansa has received delivery of its tenth Boeing 747-8 recently. This aircraft is a part of the flight renewal strategy of the German airline. It is one of the seven brand new models that are scheduled to join this carrier during the months of February and March. Lufthansa, provider of cheap international flight tickets, has also received two Airbus A320s, one A330 and one A380. The cargo section of this German carrier will also receive a Boeing 777F freighter and Airbus A319. On a whole, it will receive delivery of more than 20 aircraft specially for commercial usage during the year 2014.

More Eco-Friendly Flights

Most of these aircraft are part of the fleet renewal strategy of the German airline and will be put into operation as soon as possible. The newer models are set to be more beneficial for the carrier, its passengers as well as local residents; those living in proximity to the airport. It has been said that these new models are almost 30 per cent quieter than the previous ones in operation. Furthermore, a Lufthansa flight will become more comfortable with these new state-of-the-art aircraft.

Lufthansa group is on the path of a huge fleet renewal till the year 2025, within which, a total of more than 260 models will be added. The net valuation of this is listed at a whopping 32 billion Euros. These will significantly reduce the impact on the environment by decreasing the fuel emissions. Travellers can travel to several destinations around the world aboard the flights of this airline. Booking for this airline can be done on most travel portals, which offer a detailed list of its flights. These websites also allow booking of flight and hotel at several locations for the benefit of travellers who are on an international tour.

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