Keep in Mind the Baggage Allowance while Making Kuwait Airways flight booking

Kuwait AirwaysAll domestic and international air flights have a limit on the luggage that can be carried by its passengers. This makes it convenient for airlines as well as travellers, and ensures that people have a hassle-free journey. Fliers who are planning to take an air trip should keep in mind the baggage limit of the carrier concerned to avoid levying of extra charges. The limitation of carried items is valid for both, which are carried in the hold as well as those carried inside the cabin. Kuwait Airways, the national airline of Kuwait, is no exception, and if you are planning a journey on its flights, make sure you check the allowance regarding the limit of baggage.

Weight and Piece Concept

People who are making a Kuwait Airways flight booking should check the allowed quantity on its different classes. Adult travellers who are travelling in the First Class can carry a maximum of 40 kilograms on its aircraft. For people flying on the Business section, the allowed limit is at most 30 kilograms, while for Economy, it is 20. Travellers should keep in mind this limitation is valid for all flights except for those to and from United States of America and Canada, where the per-piece concept is followed. Fliers On First and Business category with a journey bound to these nations should be careful that the allowance is at most 2 pieces with the sum of dimensions not exceeding 158 centimetres for each. The limitation for Economy Class passengers is a maximum of 2 bags, where the total sum of the two complete dimensions bags should not exceed 273 centimetres.

Fliers who want to travel with this carrier should keep a check on their carrying items to stay within the above mentioned limits. Even if they are flying between two popular shopping destinations like Kolkata to Bangkok flights, they should keep a check on the number of items they purchase from these places.

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