More Cheap International Flights from Spain with Codeshare between Etihad and Air Europa

Travellers who often fly to and from Spain have good news for them due to the codeshare agreement between Air Europa, one of its carriers and Etihad, a global name in aviation. The new year 2014 started on a positive note for both the airlines as this partnership will reap benefits for both Air Europa and the national carrier of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This means that fliers who avail these airlines will be able to get cheap international flight tickets from and to Spain as the Madrid hub of Air Europa will link with that of Etihad at Abu Dhabi. As a result of this agreement, both of them will gain accessibility to either of their network around the world, thus benefiting both in a significant way.

Accessibility to Latin American Airports

The biggest strength of the Spanish carrier is its Latin American services, which is one of the most talked about aspects as well. However, Etihad has only a single destination in this region as of now. Incidentally, this new deal will allow passengers to book an Etihad Airways flight ticket to several other Latin American destinations. This will also make it one among the three huge Gulf airlines with the widest accessibility to this region. On the other hand, the Air Europa has not yet started its services in the Middle East and Asia Pacific. As a result of this agreement, it will have an upper hand in these regions when compared to its Spanish rival, Iberia.

This will also help travellers from Spain who are planning a visit to India for the first time. The Spanish airline will have increasing network in Southeast Asia as a result of this codeshare agreement. People can also book for flight plus hotel deals India while coming to this nation for the first time.

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