New International Flight Options in Indian Aviation with Singapore Airlines

Singapore AirlinesPopular name in global aviation, Singapore Airlines (SIA) has thrown light upon the fact that it would look forward to a progressive and steady growth model for its upcoming foray in the Indian market. It would definitely look forward to improve its facilities and mainly focus on meeting international flights requirement of cross-continental travellers. Simultaneously, it would also focus on providing premium travel experiences to its customers. As it is just about to begin services in this country, more importance will be given to consistency rather than the numbers game.

Expected to Stiffen the Competition

Similarly, Indian travellers will be excited to take advantage of the new service provider in India. In this aspect, there has been a consistent growth in the aviation sector in the previous five years, during which more travellers have turned to air travelling. Interested fliers will be able to book a Singapore Airlines flight ticket on popular travel portals as soon as it begins operating here. Incidentally, stiff competition will be offered by popular Indian names like IndiGo, who have already geared up for the new challenge. SIA has already boosted its connectivity in the country with increasing the frequency of its flights.

In this aspect, AirAsia, popular Malaysia low-cost carrier is also set to initiate its services in India. Domestic services by SIA will be initiated in a joint venture with the Tata Group in the near future subject to approval. The leading cities in the nation would be connected as per the expectations of fliers. With time, international services are also believed to be initiated like non-stop Bangalore to Singapore flights. SIA being one of the best names in the industry will definitely make the Indian carriers gear up for the challenge. As a result, the overall aviation standards are set to increase in the near future.

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