Second Round of Discounts on Air Tickets by Indian Carriers

Recently, there was a mad rush for air tickets in the domestic market with most of the Indian carriers offering discounted rates. However, it was offered only for a period for three days during the third week of January, but if reports are to be believed only some people were able to book cheap tickets during this period. This offer was valid for travelling till April 15. Recently, to the joy of frequent fliers a second round of discounts were offered by the airlines. This saw a considerable rise in the sale of air tickets of all airlines.

Change in Percentage

The discounts this time around were less as compared to the previous. During the period of January 21 to 23, tickets were sold at as much as 50 per cent cheaper rates on selected routes. This time around, the reduction in airfare was reduced but the maximum discount on offer was 30 per cent. This war of lowest airfare was started by SpiceJet, but soon, other names started offering them, too. The validity of travelling dates were the same and the booking for this low rates were allowed till February 2.

Additional Clause

Go Air FlightsSome additional clauses were added this time around by carriers like the discounts for travelling was valid only for weekdays, which means between Monday and Thursday. Though these lower airfare as tagged by airlines were not much different from the original, it was welcomed warmly by frequent fliers. Most carriers offered hardly any discounts in the last fiscal due to challenging aviation and economic conditions in the country. This discounted rates paved the path for increased ticket sale for flights as depicted by the upsurge in SpiceJet and GoAir booking. It is to be seen whether a third round of reduced flight fares are offered by the leading carriers in Indian aviation in the near future.

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