Smart Strategy behind Recent Lowest Airfare Offering in Domestic Aviation

Spicejet Flight Ticket BookingThere was quite a hullabaloo in domestic aviation industry regarding the discounted ticket prices by most carriers. As a result, people could book tickets at lowest airfare as compared to the standards that they have been following in the last few years. There has been quite some debate as to how and why these carriers provided such rates at a time when it seems that Indian names are about to hit turbulent times. There were a number of questions regarding the aspect that domestic fliers were allowed to book air tickets at almost half the original price.

Officials of SpiceJet, a popular name in Indian aviation, have explained the motive behind this. They said that the market hits an off-season from the last fortnight of January till the end of March or the first week of April. This has been recorded in the last two years and airlines have incurred heavy losses this period. To counter the situation in the running fiscal, SpiceJet flight fares were considerably reduced. Obviously, rather than tagging the ticket prices at a higher value and attracting lesser passenger traffic, it is better to have somewhat lower rates and increasing the sale. The discounting was made in a diplomatic way so as to minimise the losses and simultaneously increasing the passenger influx.

In this aspect, this popular low-cost carrier introduced discounts last year as well. However, it offered the same rates on all routes irrespective of distances between the two destinations. Though SpiceJet flight ticket booking increased by a significant margin, it was not able to post a profit despite best efforts. However, this time around the strategy is smartly done and the Sun Group foray expects to make a better fortune during the off-season. The booking was, undoubtedly, quite high during this interval; however, only time will tell, whether this policy is a success or not.

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