Cheap International Flights between India and United Arab Emirates

Are you looking for cheap international flights, which operate daily between popular destinations in India and United Arab Emirates (UAE)? There is a host of carriers, comprising full-fledged as well as low-cost carriers (LCCs) that offer scheduled flights between these two nations. Travellers can take flights from popular airports in India for direct services to the Emirates. The most favoured as well as the busiest airports are New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Chennai, and most international airlines connect these cities with the some of the popular locations in the Middle East.

Connecting Option for Cross Continental Trips

Even those who are looking to go further abroad like to the United Kingdom or to the United States of America can opt for indirect services, which a changeover at a popular airport in UAE. Fliers can opt for Kolkata Dubai flights and subsequently take a journey from this location to USA. This makes sure that they do not have to travel on the same aircraft continuously for a long duration, thus reducing jet lag. The duration of a direct trip to UAE from anywhere in India is under five hours, which is quite feasible. Travellers can spend a layover at this terminal for three hours and embark on the subsequent journey. In such a case, the trip, though will take more time, will definitely be a more comfortable one.

One of the most favoured carriers in this region is Saudi Arabia Airlines, which is commonly known as Saudia. The flag carrier of Saudi Arabia operates from its primary base at Jeddah-King Abdulaziz International Airport. Its other hubs are located at Dammam-King Fahd and Riyadh-King Khalid International Airports. People who are willing to make a Saudi Arabia airline online booking can browse travel websites. Aircraft of this carrier connects over 75 important cities in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America.

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