Removal of Ban on Airbus A380 will now allow Indians to Book Flights on this Aircraft

Book FlightsTravellers from India have something to cheer about just at the beginning of the year with the government lifting the ban on Airbus A380. It essentially means that these models can now take off and land at popular Indian airports. As a result, people who wish to travel international destinations will be able to book flights on this aircraft, which is currently the largest operating passenger civil aircraft in the world. However, only four airports are capable of handling these aircraft and they are New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Thus, fliers who are planning to come to these metropolitans or take a flight from any of these locations can book tickets for these super jumbos.

Largest Passenger Jet in the World

This ban was mainly imposed to prevent foreign airlines from hurting the market shares of Indian carriers by grabbing a major part of international passenger traffic. However, this change of rule will benefit foreign carriers like Lufthansa airline, Emirates and Singapore Airlines. Obviously, this will allow travellers to travel on the mighty A380, which is a double-decked jet equipped with ultramodern engines, used to reduce fuel consumption. With the rule being changed, more airports will also look forward to make their infrastructure suitable to allow landing and taking off these huge jets.

People who take international journeys often are expected to be satisfied with this news as this will allow them to have a trip aboard this massive model from Airbus. Travellers will be able to opt for this aircraft while taking Hyderabad to Kuala Lumpur flights, which is a popular route connected by popular airlines. This will also be an eye opener for Indian carriers to buck themselves up and strive to get into the global league. Most of these operate Airbus A320 model and they will look forward to get the A380 double-decked jet into their fleet to be counted as an international name in the industry.

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