Book International and Domestic Airlines Tickets to Bhubaneshwar

Airlines Tickets to BhubaneshwarBhubaneshwar is one of those cities in India that are yet to be serviced by a global carrier. Recently, this city, which is the capital of Odisha, has acquired international status and as a result is expected to be connected by some popular names of world aviation. Travellers who could only book domestic airlines tickets to this destination will be overjoyed by the recent development in the terminal. The state government is also welcoming more international airlines to initiate their services to and from this location.

GoAir is expected to begin services from Mumbai and Bengaluru to Bhubaneshwar from May 2014. People will be able to make a Go Air ticket booking to this city of Odisha that will definitely boost the passenger traffic for this popular Indian low-cost carrier (LCC). Apart from this, AirAsia is also willing to initiate services from Kuala Lumpur March onwards. However, this will be only possible if permissions for operation are granted to this airline. The officials of the Biju Patnaik International Airport were recently in talks with representatives of 20 airlines regarding initiation of services. Aviation fuel taxes have been reduced by the state government and made 5 percent that was previously 20 per cent.

As a result of this event, more global carriers have showed their interested to initiate operations from this airport. Some of the famous names who have shown keen interest in this aspect are SilkAir, Fly Dubai, Air Arabia and Qatar Airways. This will definitely help those people who stay abroad and have their home town in this state. Earlier, the nearest airport with international flying options was at Kolkata, which is quite some distance from this province. Bhubaneshwar becoming a global hub will reduce the heckles of all those people who had to take a domestic flight after completing an cross-continental journey to India.

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