More International Air Flights of Air India likely as it Prepares to join Global Airline Alliance

Air India, the Indian flag carrier has finally some good news to cheer about after a disappointing 2013. It is set to become the first airline in the country to become a part of an airline alliance. Star Alliance, which has over 25 members in global aviation, will induct this carrier soon as per reports. It offers international air flights to over 30 destinations across countries in Asia, Europe, North America and Australia. It is expected that Air India will join this esteemed group during the next summer.

Visiting Inspection Team Happy with Progress

Officials of this alliance have said that the criteria for membership had been relaxed somewhat in the last few years. The Indian national carrier was also taking several steps to meet its requirements. Recently, some members of this alliance had paid a visit to this country to check its progress. Though some steps are yet to be administered, the visiting team was satisfied by the efforts. Training procedure of the staff, both cabin and ground, has some gaps yet, which will be taken care immediately. The team has opined that it seems that the entire process will be complete by the forthcoming summer season and the airline would become fit to be a part of this world-famous aviation partnership.

This event will hugely improve the image and revenue of this airline, which has faced some rough times, recently. If it becomes a part of this partnership, it will be able to have a wider reach like Chennai to Colombo flights due to codesharing of aircraft with member carriers. Fliers will also be hugely benefited due to the increase in the global reach as expected. Travellers who are looking to make a booking on its flights can surf various several travel portals for this purpose. These websites also offer flight plus hotel booking facilities to enable travellers to make arrangements for journey and accommodation in a single transaction.

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