Kuwait Airways Airline Restarts Services to Iraq After Two Decades

Kuwait AirwaysKuwait Airways, the national carrier of Kuwait, has restarted offering scheduled flights to Iraq after a gap of more than two decades. People can now book air tickets international of the airline to this Arab country. It commenced its operations once again in late 2013 when one of its flights landed in Najaf, nearly 160 km to the south of Baghdad, the capital of Iraq. The aircraft had approximately 100 passengers, most of whom, were visiting the holy Shia shrines in this nation. This carrier also plans to start twice-a-week services to Najaf, which is considered safer than the capital, where terrorist activities are more common.

About the Invasion and its Consequences

Incidentally, flight services between these countries were ceased after an Iraqi invasion in 1990. Several reasons were attributed for this move by the Saddam Hussein-governed country that led to Kuwait being occupied for nearly seven months. Simultaneously, American-led armed forces had to intervene to force Iraqi troops out of this nation. However, the relations between these two Arab countries were soured with no political relations. The diplomatic relations were developed only during the past one year or so due to the combined efforts of the two governments. Apart from restarting flight services, Kuwait Airways airline also dropped a legal case against Iraqi Airways, in return of a compensation of USD 500 million. This was part of a multi-billion dollars dispute due to seizing of aircraft and other vital machinery during the invasion.

As a result of this initiation, the number of destinations of this airline increases further with direct flights to over 20 countries. The airlines now serves over 30 international destinations, with most of its operations within Asia like Chennai to Singapore flights. This addition will surely boosts its market share and popularity as a global airline.

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