Singapore Airlines Increases Baggage Allowance on all its Flights

Singapore AirlinesIn recent times, many international airlines have started offering increased baggage allowance for the convenience of travellers. As a result, vacationers are now able to take more luggage with them on international trips. These global carriers are also providing various other international travel deals to encourage more fliers to opt for their flights. All information regarding such deals can be checked on popular travel portals, which provide latest policy and service changes of most airlines. This helps travellers to choose the best deals while taking cross-continental flights.

An increment of 10 kg on All Classes

The latest entry to the league of carriers that are offering interesting flight deals is Singapore Airlines (SIA), which has made a slight change to its baggage allowance policy. It has increased the allowed baggage on all its flights with effect from November, 2013. This increment is valid for all aircraft of SIA and SilkAir, its subsidiary. As per reports, the allowance will be hiked by 10 kg in all travel classes. However, this increment in weight will not be effective for aircraft flying to and from the United States, which follows a per-piece baggage rule.

Due to this increment, the luggage allowed in First Class and Suites of SIA will now be a maximum of 50 kg. Travellers on the Business category will be entitled to 40 kg of checked-in luggage at most. Apart from this, the allowance for people flying in the Economy Class will be a maximum of 30 kg. This will immensely benefit travellers as they will be able to carry more luggage. Indian passengers definitely will be happy to hear this news as this carrier together with Tata Sons is scheduled to launch its services in the aviation market soon. People travelling on Ahmedabad to Singapore flights of this airline can now avail this service.

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