Air Arabia Airline Honoured at Aviation Business Awards 2013

Air Arabia AirlineAir Arabia, famous for offering cheap international flight tickets, has been adjudged the Low-Cost Carrier (LCC) of the Year during the 2013 Aviation Business Awards. Held at Dubai, this ceremony honoured the commitment of the Sharjah-based carrier in providing travel options to passengers at lower costs without sacrificing on the travel quality. This LCC offers flight services to more than 80 locations in Asia, North Africa, Europe and the Middle East. It operates with a fleet of over 30 Airbus A320-200 aircraft, which have an average age of nearly 3 years and are customised to provide an all-Economy Class cabin to its passengers.

Charitable Works Honoured as Well

This award marks the exemplary services of LCCs in this region with an emphasis on operational and financial performance. Air Arabia airline has consistently improved its position as a budget airline in this region with an impressive growth during the fiscal, as a result of which it was placed at the top. Apart from this, it was also honoured for its significant contribution in the field of development and improvement of sustainable livelihood with its Charity Cloud Programme. It extended its supporting program of clinics and schools in the rural sector of Sri Lanka, Sudan, India, Nepal and Yemen. As a result of this, it bagged the two most prestigious awards at this event. The officials of this carrier said that they were honoured and delighted to receive this recognition at the global level and these would work as a boost to improve its exemplary services in the near future.

Riding high on its success, this airline is expected to increase its network on a worldwide basis in the near future. Providing flights between prime destinations like Bangalore to Dubai flights would be one of its important tasks at hand. With constant development in the aviation industry, it would look forward to become one of the best LCCs in the world.

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