Book Cheap Air International Tickets to Visit China

People looking for cheap international flight tickets to travel to a number of destinations in China can opt for China Southern Airlines or Air China, which are two of the most famous in this nation. Connecting several popular destinations across the world with popular Chinese destinations like Beijing, Guangzhou and few others, these carriers have made it a lot easier for people to visit this nation. China Southern Airlines ranks among the 10 largest carriers in the world in terms of passengers carried, size of fleet as well as number of destinations. People who want to check China Southern Airlines flight schedule or book tickets for this carrier can browse travel portals. A detailed list of all flights of this airline as well as those of the other are displayed on these websites. Travellers who are flying with an international airline for the first time are advised to check all the vital rules and regulations before boarding flights of these airlines.

Check the Baggage Allowance before Boarding Aircraft

People who want to make an Air China online booking should know about the baggage allowance before boarding its flights. In the Economy Class, a single piece having a maximum of 23 kg is allowed in the aircraft. For Business passengers, two bags are allowed with a maximum of 32 kg per bag. Almost all routes of this carrier have same restrictions for the bags carried in the hold. Apart from this, passengers in the Business and First seating are allowed to carry two bags with a maximum of 8 kg per bag and in Economy it is a single weighing 5 kg at most. Also, the dimensions of a travel gear cannot exceed beyond 55 cm in length, 20 cm in height and 40 cm in width.

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