SpiceJet to Initiate Corporate Flyer Program and Offer Free Tickets

Frequent flyer programs are generally issued by full-service airlines to give special facilities to those passengers who travel frequently on their flights. In general, there is a counter where the number of miles travelled is calculated. Every time people book a cheap air ticket on a flight of that airline, the counter increases by the exact number of miles travelled. Once a fixed number of miles previously determined by the airline are completed, interesting offers and discounts are provided on subsequent journeys.

SpiceJet, the second largest low-cost carrier (LCC) in India, has gone out of the conventional way and introduced a frequent flyer program for business travellers. It has decided that a free ticket for a one-way journey will be offered on completion of six one-way journeys on the trot. Apart from this, two free tickets for a single trip will be offered to those passengers who have completed 10 single-trip journeys. This facility will be available on SpiceJet airlines booking for those travellers who are registered on the Corporate Benefit Program of this carrier. However, an important point to note is that this offer is valid only on domestic flights. Also, corporate travellers should keep in mind that this carrier will only bear the base fare and fuel charges on free tickets.

This is a clear indication towards the fact that carriers in the Indian aviation industry are gearing up for the entry of foreign airlines. In this aspect, low-cost airlines and full service carriers are fast blurring the line that distinguishes them. The year 2014 is set for the entry of two foreign carriers, before which the LCCs are trying their best to capture a niche population. Several facilities and services are being offered by most LCCs to allure passengers to take their services.

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