Focus on Domestic Sector may Increase Options for GoAir Ticket Booking

According to sources from the aviation industry, GoAir, which offers cheap airline tickets and is one of the leading low-cost carriers (LCCs), has registered profits in the third quarter owing to an upsurge in passenger traffic and its overseas operations after a tumultuous second quarter. The carrier has registered a growth of around 24 per cent in passenger traffic marked by an upgradation in the load factor. However, revenue benefits have been affected by depreciation in the value of rupee, hike in the carrier turbine fuel charges and a continuous upsurge in the airport and navigation fares.

Therefore, operational costs will remain high for carriers leaving no scope for companies in the aviation business to reduce airfare. However, the experts are confident about the growth of the domestic market in India. They feel that by 2020, India is expected to emerge as the third biggest domestic market around the globe in terms of share in the aviation sector. This development may fetch long term benefits to this industry in the near future.

Going Global

Foreseeing the future, GoAir is set to tap the industrial potential by gearing up to enter the international arena with subsequent additions to their fleet. These jets would most probably be deployed so as to include the metro and non-metro routes. By July next year, the carrier is expecting to have a fleet size of 20 jets with operations to international destinations.

Eyeing an Increase in Productivity

To add up to the productivity, its jets can start operating at night with the main focus on business in the Indian market. The airline may also look for forging alliances that can let it strengthen its position in the domestic sector. These efforts may bring relief for passengers who opt for GoAir ticket booking to travel at night.

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