Boost in GoAir Booking: A Hint for Stiff Competition from Next Fiscal

Low-cost carrier (LCC) GoAir that offers cheap air tickets is looking forward to the financial year 2014 to maintain its profitable run in the Indian aviation industry. Because of its exceptional performance in the last and current quarter, this carrier has been able to post a turnaround. This Wadia-group promoted airline, which is one of the favoured choices of travellers, has recently been able to get its name inducted in the list of profitable airlines this year. Officials of this airline have said that it will have to put in all its efforts to keep scaling heights in the current fiscal.

Stiff Competition from Foreign Carriers

Fly smart with go airThere was a remarkable upsurge in GoAir booking in the last two quarters, which helped it in bringing its gross income to a new high. However, IndiGo still continued to stay at the top although it faced stiff competition from others. In this regard, the Indian market is expected to witness two new carriers from the next year, AirAsia India and Tata-SIA. Due to this reason, existing ones are trying their best to seal their position in the market with various schemes to woo customers.

Keeping all things in mind, travellers in the Indian subcontinent are expected to get new options from the next fiscal. This will not only lead to a boost in the number of options for travellers but also in lowering the ticket prices by some margin. For airlines, it would be testing times as previously there was not much competition from foreign carriers in the domestic sector. With the two foreign companies ready to try out their luck in the Indian aviation market, it will be up to the existing ones to hold on to their standards and look for every possibility to surge ahead of the rest in the future.

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