SpiceJet and Tiger Airways to go for an Interline Agreement enabling Boost in Air Booking from 2014

Low-cost carrier (LCC), SpiceJet has announced that it will go into an interline agreement with Tiger Airways, which has its base in Singapore. As a result of this partnership, they would be able to transfer their passengers between Singapore and India. This interchange of passengers will take place seamlessly at the Hyderabad Airport. However, this would be an interline and not a code share agreement. In such a partnership, flight code of only the operating carrier is used on tickets unlike in code share, where codes of both are used. Travelers would be able to make an air booking for this service from these airlines after its initiation next year.

Though, there have been instances where code share and interline agreements have been signed between full-fledged airlines in India, but this is the first time when a LCC has gone into such a partnership. Now, you would be able to bookair tickets for SpiceJet as well as Tiger Airways to travel across different destinations served by these two carriers. With its initiation from January next year, this will be valid for a period of three years. In this regard, there were rumor few months back that the two airlines were looking forward to a possible sharing of equity funds, as well. However, the Indian carrier has denied any possibility of such a situation.

Also, there were speculations that the Singapore-based airline was in talks with a number of carriers in the Indian aviation industry regarding this interline agreement. However, it was with SpiceJet that Tiger Airways finalized their agreement. It was back-to-back good news for this Indian LCC as there was also an increase in SpiceJet online booking recently. Also, in an announcement, its officials said that it would look forward to more such partnerships in the future as well. With global names in the industry investing here, there is scope that the aviation services in the Indian subcontinent will witness a gradual improvement.

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