Kenya Airways Booking Enhanced with its Renewed Partnership with KLM

Kenya AirwaysCheap international flight tickets provider, Kenya Airways had already been in an alliance with Air France KLM in the past. However, this African airline has gone a step further to enhance the extent of this partnership with Royal Dutch KLM. This will lead to a considerable upsurge in the current terms of partnership between the two carriers. Also, an important aspect is that the joint venture would have an impact on both cargo as well as passenger services. This would lead to greater cooperation between the two aviation giants and simultaneously lead to a gradual improvement of optimising their networks with more punctual services.

New Routes

Effective from the first day of the next year, this agreement will ensure the onset of four new routes as compared to the present. This would essentially mean that there will be a total of six routes between these two airlines. For those who have carried out Kenya Airways booking in the past, it would be a known fact that the association between these two carriers dates back to 1995. Time has only strengthened their bond as evident from the fact that this joint venture has gone from strength to strength.

This agreement between the two aviation giants in the industry will greatly benefit passengers. Also, those people who have to commute between the continents of Africa and Europe will be able to take advantage of this expansion. Also, with the huge success of both these airlines in the concerned field, it can be expected that more options will be initiated in the recent future to improve customer satisfaction and take aviation to a new level in the next few years. As a result of this boost, international journeys like Kolkata to New York flights will become more comfortable due to the amalgamation of European as well as African standards of aviation.

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