Boost in Online Air Ticket Booking allows IndiGo to Set Sky-High Targets

Online flight bookingRiding high on the stellar show in the Indian aviation market in the running financial year, low-cost carrier (LCC) IndiGo has set itself a new target. With a high online air ticket booking in the current quarter due to back-to-back festivals, it aims to collect a gross revenue of INR 10000 crore. Though the number is remarkably high, there is no doubt that the popular airline would do its best to reach this landmark. Also, there are speculations that before the entry of Tata-SIA and AirAsia next fiscal, it would like to seal its position as the best in business in the Indian industry.

There was a recent announcement from officials of this no-frills carrier that its gross profit witnessed almost a 500 percent increase in the FY13. The major contributing factor for its success was attributed to the major boost in IndiGo airlines booking as well as excellent services to its customers. The officials of this LCC also thanked its staff for their unending efforts and passengers for banking on their services despite shaky grounds. Also, a major point that contributed in its success was its motto of offering better fares amidst tough situations as compared to its contemporaries.

Though it was confirmed by the airline that this target would be achieved if the current pace is maintained, a lot depends on the rupee-dollar relationship. There has been a constant decline in the status of rupee against dollar, which has hurt the Indian industrial sector. There have been much speculations about how to deal with such a dwindling economic situation. Nevertheless, the market leaders hope that the future will be as favourable as it has been in the past and it would be able to hold its leading position in the market. Also, the LCC will surely aim to make itself count among the global names in aviation in the near future.

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