Indigo Airlines Ticket Booking Most Preferred in India

Low-cost carrier (LCC) IndiGo has been adjudged the most preferred airline for the third time in a row in the domestic aviation sector on the basis of an independent survey conducted among 2500 people. The main reasons cited by respondents for its selection were availability of cheap domestic air tickets, punctual services, quality of landing and take-off of its aircraft, time taken to deliver baggage and in-flight amenities. While full-service carrier Jet Airways has emerged as a close competitor for this LCC, Air India, the national carrier have failed to impress the air traffic yet again. In the segment of best international airlines, Emirates was adjudged the most favourite, followed closely by German carriers, Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines. When asked about the new players in the Indian aviation sector in the near future, 53 per cent preferred opting for Tata-SIA before Air Asia. However, 48 per cent of the people opined that the entry of the latter would bring down the flight fares.

Indigo flight fareThe success of the market leaders consistently in the domestic aviation sector reflects its immense hard work during merely a decade of service. Winning this coveted glory, three years in tandem was reflected by the increase in Indigo Airlines ticket booking in the recent past. Last fiscal, it was the only airline, which posted a gross profit when its contemporaries slumped to heavy losses. Also, this success story has enabled the LCC to increase the number of its destinations as well as the frequency of its flights. Apart from this, the success of this carrier also reflected in its increase in fleet size, which currently has over 70 Airbus A320 aircraft. Offering exemplary services to Indian passengers, Indigo also aims to become one of the leading names in international aviation in the future.

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