Egypt Air Flight Services during Haj

Flight for HajPopular cheap international airlines – Egypt Air announced that it was successful in meeting the need of approximately 70000 pilgrims during the recent Haj season of international travel. Its officials stated at a conference in Jeddah that this carrier was able to meet the demands of so many people due to the constant efforts of its staff with unparalleled dedication. The carrier also conveyed their gratitude to the co-operating Saudi government for providing additional facilities during this important season. As a result of its outstanding efforts and streamlined management of the huge influx of pilgrims, this airline got immense praise from travellers as well as from the government.

Number of Pilgrims Exceeding Expectations

Though the high passenger transport was expected in this season, the number of people availing flight services of this airline almost exceeded by 10 per cent of the estimated number. In a survey, it was found that over 270 flights of this carrier transported 67000 worshippers to the location and nearly 70000 back from this place. Also, the officials thanked those numerous pilgrims who availed its flight services for their support and compliance to the rules followed in an Egypt Air flight.

Apart from serving regular travellers, this carrier also served those people who had some medical ailments and had to be provided assistance for movement. Most long-haul flights around the world like Bangalore to Sydney flights have special amenities for those passengers who have some physical disabilities and have to depend on the concerned airline for a smooth journey. Egypt Air provided wheelchairs to passengers who had difficulty in moving and ensured that such people were assisted while getting passage in and out of the aircraft. By providing such facilities during this peak-season, this airline has proved that it has highly-developed services and is ready to compete with the global leaders of aviation.

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