Ethiopian Airlines Flight Services Begin to Singapore

Ethiopian Airlines, which is often regarded as one of the most favoured airlines in Africa, has announced that it will commence scheduled passenger services to Singapore. Travellers from Africa will be able to enjoy non-stop flights to this popular tourist destination in Asia. Simultaneously, this airline will hope to increase its international airfare, considering the fact that Singapore has the best connectivity to famous destinations in Asia as well as Australia. Along with its partners, Singapore Airlines, it will be able to reach more passengers and serve as a connecting link between the continents of Africa and Asia.

Fastest Growing Carrier

This carrier is regarded as the fastest growing in Africa and it has been in the service for almost seven decades now. With unparalleled efficiency and exemplary operations and services, this airline flies to nearly 78 international destinations spread across five continents. An Ethiopian Airlines flight uses the most modern aircraft from Boeing and Bombardier. Its fleet has the youngest average age and most environment-friendly aircraft. This carrier is also in the process of implementing Vision 2025, which is its 15-year strategic plan to become a global name.

This airline, riding high from its success, has been targeting the global passengers. Connecting to these new destinations in Asia might just as well be the initial steps in its long path of fulfilling its ambitions to grow more. Connectivity to Singapore gives the advantage of tapping a large population of tourists because of the proximity of a number of vacation hotspots in this region. Apart from this, it will allow the African nationals residing in these regions to avail direct flight services back to their homeland. This carrier will also look forward to start new routes like Ahmedabad to London flights in the near future, which will pave its path towards global acclaim.

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