Delta Airlines Celebrate 80 years of its Services in Seattle

Delta AirlinesIf you are planning to take international air flights from India to the United States or any part of the world, you can consult the available travel portals. These websites offer a number of options, when it comes to travelling across the globe. Be it on a business journey or to spend a vacation, they have some thing to offer for both purposes. Also, they offer a customised research for flight options as per time and date of travel as well as depending on the destinations. Most popular airlines, both domestic and international, have their schedule and status updated on these portals regularly to provide passengers the best services.

Spirit of Seattle

As per independent surveys, among the carriers, which are frequently opted for, while going for an international journey, is Delta Airlines, which is a famous name in the American aviation industry. Having its headquarters in Atlanta in the United States, it operates more than 5000 flights on a daily basis to large and small destinations to all continents except Antarctica. Recently, this airline was in the news for celebrating 80 years of its services in Seattle. As a part of its celebrations, it unveiled a Boeing 737-900ER model as Spirit of Seattle as a tribute to the city and its partners, employees and customers in this region.

At present, this carrier operates to 15 destinations around the world from this city including Paris, Amsterdam, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo Haneda and Tokyo-Narita. Non-stop services to these destinations have made it a popular choice for passengers on long journeys. Booking for this airline can be done on most travel portals on all its routes. For the convenience of globetrotters, most of these sites offer flight and hotel packages, which reduce the travel expenses. Travellers can also book tickets for round-trips that reduce the cost incurred while travelling.

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