Air Arabia Flight Status to have Chinese Destinations from the Next Fiscal

Air Arabia FlightWith international flight schedules getting tighter for airlines, there is hardly any scope for delay. This has made it mandatory for carriers to keep a check on their timings strictly. In spite of these facts, these airlines have increased the frequency of flights to old destinations and initiated services to new locations around the world. Starting new services among the already-busy scheduling is, undoubtedly, a commendable affair. However, airlines around the globe are doing just the same to get a wider global reach and increase their business, subsequently.

Air Arabia, a leading low-cost carrier, which has its base in the United Arab Emirates, has decided to start scheduled passenger services to the Republic of China from the next fiscal. The officials have declared that a mutual understanding has been reached by the Chinese and Arabic aviation governments, following which a decision to start services was taken. However, detailing about the destinations and frequency has not been decided by this carrier. With more and more budget airlines looking to provide service for long journeys like Bangalore to New York flights, this step surely would boost the business of this Sharjah-based airline.

Other Future Destinations

Apart from this destination, the officials of Air Arabia are having talks with the government of Morocco for expansion towards West Africa. If accepted, it would initiate operations from its Casablanca hub and give severe competition to Royal Air Maroc, the major in this region. There have been speculations about the possible expansion plans to Russia, Iran and Pakistan in the near future. If these new routes are initiated, it would leave lesser scope for having any delays in the Air Arabia flight status. Only time will tell if this step of this carrier turns fruitful but undoubtedly, it has huge plans for making itself count in the big league.

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