Fleet Expansion Likely to Increase Sale of SpiceJet Flight Ticket

SpiceJet is a popular name in the Indian aviation industry when it comes to providing cheap domestic air tickets. This low-cost carrier is all set to buy new aircraft, Boeing 737 model for the expansion of its fleet. As per reliable sources, the airline is yet to enter into a formal agreement with the manufacturing company on purchase of the jet, whose value is around 100 million dollar (INR 620 crore). However, it is believed that SpiceJet would be ordering around 40 to 50 aircraft.

About Boeing 737 Max Aircraft

The 737 Max Plane model is a narrow body, fuel-efficient jet that promises to save 13 per cent fuel as compared to present functional jets. According to the sources, this aircraft will be operational from the year 2017. The carrier currently operates aircraft models including Bombardier Q-400 turbo props and Boeing 737 with the current fleet size of 56 jets. The airline earlier was negotiating with Airbus, but then operating more than two types of aircraft would have a difficult task as it required different set of engineers and pilots along with other necessary things. Therefore, the airline struck a deal with the US-based manufacturers in order to maintain commonality and ordered for this model focusing on its future development plans.

International operations

According to a statement made by the officials of Boeing, SpiceJet is one of its target customers for its Max model aircraft. The airline is among its prime target customers because the carrier is set to expand its operations in foreign countries to fetch more dollars and to compensate losses resulted by fluctuations in the Indian currency. In the coming months, it is going to launch new flights for international destinations including Dubai, Sharjah, Bangkok, Riyadh and Dammam that may lead to an upsurge in the sale of SpiceJet flight ticket.

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