Austrian Airlines Set to Increase International Air Ticket Booking to Chicago

Austrian AirlinesWith Austrian Airlines planning to increase its aviation destinations, international air ticket booking for this carrier is set to reach farther in the near future. Recently, the carrier has charted a new route to the continent of North America. Chicago, one of the most important destinations in North America, has been the recent addition to the itinerary of this airline, which is a subsidiary of Lufthansa. As per the reports from its officials, scheduled passenger flights will travel to Chicago five times a week. This has been warmly welcomed by the frequent transatlantic travellers.

Part of its Restructuring Plans

This effort of the carrier is a part of its restructuring plans, with which it is hoping to witness a better financial year. The last fiscal saw a huge increase in its flying costs due to the increasing fuel prices and an upsurge in the prices of ticket taxes. It has carefully chalked out a series of steps in the running year, which would bring a turnaround in its business. One of them is starting long-haul flights like Chennai to Bangkok flights. It is also planning to go for journeys having a higher load-factor. This would, essentially, mean that the airline would increase passenger seats in its flights.

This addition would mean that 26 flights per week will now start operating to North America. Also, these flights will be the first to boast of a long-haul cabin on the Boeing 767 aircraft. Looking towards the high population migrating to popular American destinations like Washington, Toronto and New York, this airline has initiated this new route. Whether this effort will boost its business, only time can tell, but this would surely help businessmen and tourists taking transatlantic flights. Austrian Airlines booking will surely witness a boost in the near future, if these plans become successful.

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