Air France Celebrates its 80th Anniversary in Style

Air France flightTo celebrate its 80th anniversary in style, Air France has decided to introduce two of the Airbus models with a specially designed anniversary livery. Airbus and the French carrier have joined hands to take the anniversary celebrations to the next level. The European manufacturers have specially designed the two A380 models, marking the year as a landmark for this airline, which provides international airlines tickets. The inaugural journey of the anniversary aircraft was from Paris-Charles de Gaulle to Johannesburg in South Africa. Incidentally, one Airbus model will fly with the spectacular livery for the entire 80th year in celebration.

Specially Designed Aircraft will fly on Different Routes All Year

Boasting of its rich heritage and exemplary services to global passengers, the officials of this airline were overjoyed in making this announcement. They also thanked the European manufacturers for their show of warm gesture when it was announced that the aircraft with the 80th anniversary livery will be flown across the globe. This means that this model will be flown on different routes like Mumbai to Sydney flights. The esteemed aircraft manufacturers have conveyed their best wishes and hoped for a bright future ahead for the airline. The officials also thanked the staff and crew, not only of the present generation, but also, from the past, who have served this airline in the last 80 years of its success. Incidentally, the exceptionally punctual Air France flight status has always been a benchmark for its contemporaries and a high point in its success story.

The Aircraft Choice Conveys an Eco-friendly Message

The choice of the model for celebrating the anniversary of the French giants will also serve as a message to the global audience. Airbus A380, apart from being the largest passenger service aircraft today, is also known for being environment-friendly. As compared to other models, this make reduces the air pollution with lesser emissions each time it flies. Also, this aircraft is globally known for providing premium comfort and ample space inside the cabin to its passengers.

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