All Nippon increases Meal Options in its Premium Economy and Economy Classes

All Nippon AirwaysSkytrax, which is a global consultancy that evaluates performances of airlines providing international air flights, has honoured All Nippon Airways with a 5-star ranking. The five star rating is given to those carriers, which have maintained consistency in providing best services in the aviation industry, consistently. This Japanese carrier, with its outstanding services, has defined the standards of international travelling and is a deserving candidate for acquiring the coveted rating, as per industry experts. Recently, it kept up its good name by introducing a new facility on its flights on international journeys.

Gastronomical Delights for Globetrotters and New Options for Children

Passengers having an All Nippon online booking for a seat in the Premium Economy and Economy class will be provided enhanced meal options starting from December 2013. More than four-fifths of its international passengers travel by these classes and to meet the needs of these people, the system will be initiated soon. The Connoisseurs, which is the name given to this service, will employ a team of 10 world-class chefs, 5 coffee and liquor professionals and 9 chefs from the airline itself. This new service will target to boost the list of various items available on these classes and improve the culinary experiences of passengers. Also, special meals for children will be on offer for travellers in this class to make the travel experience better.

These classes are present in most flights of this Japanese carrier, including medium-haul Pune to Singapore flights. As a result, travellers will be able to experience these gastronomical delights on most of its routes. Also, this airline is committed to improve on its services in the coming future to hold on to the rating given by Skytrax. There has been constant efforts and researches by its officials to better their services for their customers.

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