Indigo at the Top of Indian Aviation Industry by following the Basics

Even when the going has become tough for domestic flights in the Indian aviation industry, leading low-cost carrier (LCC) in the country – Indigo had a profitable year in the last fiscal. Indeed, it has shown the way as to how to make a profitable run in spite of providing cheap air fare and timely services. Though about to face a stiff challenge from new entrants, like AirAsia, which is set to commence its services in the Indian subcontinent in the next year, the LCC remains focussed in its attempt to provide optimum services to its customers.

Stiff Competition from Malaysian Carrier

In this matter, the officials of AirAsia were recently in news for their announcement of offering zero fare tickets after commencing its services. The step, though promising, would not come easy for the carrier in the current economic scenario and shooting jet fuel prices. The officials of the leading airline of India has questioned about this offer of the Malaysian low-cost airline. Also, Indigo is trying to gain good ground before the foray of AirAsia in the next fiscal by connecting to new destinations, which include several tier II cities. An order for aircraft had already been placed a couple of years back and the new models are believed to arrive soon. This boost will help this Indian LCC to realise its long term plans.

The targets of this popular airline seems to be pretty straightforward to keep on with its good work. It chiefly aims to provide the best fares, which leads to a consistent upsurge in the Indigo Airlines ticket booking. With more people filling in its aircraft, the load-factor also increases adding to the profit. Simultaneously, with more profit, the LCC has more funds to order for more aircraft and increase its services on a similar line. This has been the fundamental structure for the remarkable success story of this Indian carrier.

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