GoAir takes its Services a Step Further with Vision 2015

With an upsurge in the sale of flight tickets in the on-going quarter, GoAir has started taking small steps towards expanding its services. Once concentrated only to New Delhi and Mumbai, this low-cost carrier (LCC) has gradually improved its services to be counted as a contender in the Indian aviation industry. This Wadia Group carrier, which has seen the face of profit recently, aims to increase its business by a significant amount. Its plans include connecting to tier II national locations, initiation of a new business-class service and moving a step further towards starting international services.

Looking Forward to Gradual Results

Terming this plan as Vision 2015, this LCC is determined to reap small but sure results instead of rushing towards increasing their business. Though starting its services during the same time as its market rivals, the Wadia Group aviation foray has not been able to seize the top rank in the industry. However, with an increase in GoAir online booking recently, it is targeting to increase its flight services. An increase in its fleet, which was placed in 2011, shows that the frequency of flights is slated to witness a boost.

GoAir has been looking to improve its rank in the industry for quite some time, now. Though the steps were small, they were highly calculated, which would imply gradual results. There has been some shuffling in the top ranks indicating a change in its plans towards the betterment. Undoubtedly, this LCC is taking the competition to the next level. Whatever might be the circumstances, this healthy competition may come of great help for passengers due to the increase in the number of options. Also, this would lead to the improvement of flying conditions in-flight. A time is imminent in the near future, when the Indian carriers would be counted in the list of leading airlines globally.

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