SpiceJet looking to Tap the Promising Global Market

Low-cost carrier (LCC) SpiceJet, which is famous for providing cheap air tickets, is looking towards a path of gradual global expansion of its routes. There was a recent addition of 2 new routes to Kuala Lumpur and Dammam, which would be initiated by March next year. Also, the frequency of flights to foreign locations will be increased in the near future. With these plans in the pipeline, there are speculations that the carrier is aiming to boost its number of global destinations. Increasing its foreign journeys throws light on the fact that this popular carrier is determined to grab the maximum market share in the next fiscal.

Connecting New Destinations

Damman in Saudi Arabia and Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia have emerged as popular getaways for Indians in the last two years. These two international destinations are regarded as vacation hotspots with increasing passenger influx from the subcontinent. To tap the rich business prospects on offer, SpiceJet ticket booking will be available to these two locations from next year. This will definitely provide tourists from India more options in terms of flight availability.

Increasing Frequency of Flights

Apart from these two destinations, there are talks that there would be an increase in the frequency of flights on international routes. There has been a gradual increase of Indian population migrating to foreign countries in the last decade. This fact has encouraged carriers to provide more options on these routes. With SpiceJet looking to improve its business in the forthcoming fiscal, foreign flights will, undoubtedly, be its best bid towards that step. There are talks and researches regarding the most visited locations around the world and a number of results have emerged from the survey. Once these are sorted out, SpiceJet will look to begin operations to the new locations and add more flights to the existing ones.

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