Virgin Atlantic issues Online Boarding Passes to make Travelling Easier

The plans of making air travelling easier goes one step further for passengers booking air tickets international and domestic flights of Virgin Atlantic, with this British carrier allowing its customers to download their boarding pass online. Passengers flying through London Gatwick and Manchester will be allowed to get their boarding pass from the internet. People at these airports will be allowed to use these downloaded boarding passes to touch and have an easy passage through the airport. However, this will be an additional facility apart from the previously used systems. This system, undoubtedly, is a new addition to the exemplary services of this British airline that aims towards additional passenger comfort on international air flights.

Working Guidelines

Online passes are extremely easy to operate and user-friendly aiming to reduce the use of paper. The passenger is provided an option to download the boarding pass once the check-in procedure is completed. Travellers can complete the check-in procedure via mobile check-in facility or through the website. People availing this service would be asked to provide a mobile number to receive a SMS or an e-mail id to receive a mail, both containing a link to download. When downloaded, what is received is a boarding pass containing a bar code. There are several scanning centres at the airports at security check-in, baggage check and boarding gate that will scan the bar code and access will be provided to passengers. Also, it will have some text, which will come of use by staff and airport crew if a scanning machine is not functioning.

Virgin Atlantic Airlines airlineHowever, there are certain limitations regarding the issuing of such passes. Each individual will have to provide a unique mobile number to download the same. Though there are reports that the airline is looking to start multiple downloading on a single device, the feature has not been implemented yet. This system will slowly be introduced on all routes of Virgin Atlantic, which will, undoubtedly make the passage into the aircraft hassle-free.

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