Indigo Planning to Commence its Services in the Regional Market

After witnessing an increase in its flight ticket booking on most routes, Indigo is looking forward is said to be planning to venture into the regional aviation market. As per experts from the industry, the aviation market of tier II and tier III cities holds a promising market with the growing industrial and commercial development in these regions. Increasing its services to the provincial market, would, undoubtedly require new flights. Though, this low-cost carrier (LCC), which operates Airbus A320s on its routes, is capable of operating these aircraft in the new factor, a smaller and subsidiary model would necessarily guarantee the optimum load-factor.

Provincial Market has Huge Promises

The fact that the regional aviation market is under-served has been a matter of consideration for leading carriers around the country. With some of the carriers already starting their services in the provincial sector, it was apprehended that the market leaders would also look forward to cash in the new possibilities. This announcement makes sure that an Indigo flight ticket booking connecting two provincial destinations would soon feature in its itinerary. The exact date of the commencement of services has not been declared but it is evident from the reports that this LCC is looking to escalate the plan just after the general elections.

Indigo Online BookingSome of its rivals have initiated operations with a smaller model on these routes; however, there are no such confirmations as of yet from IndiGo. With Indigo online booking of tickets rocketing in the last three years or so, it has led to a huge upsurge in its fleet. Also, it is noteworthy in this respect that if a new model is added, the maintenance costs will witness an increase. Nevertheless, whether there is a new member to the fleet is uncertain, but tapping the provincial market by the market leaders is certain and imminent.

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