SpiceJet witnesses a Boost in Flight Booking during the Festive Season

Last month saw a significant increase in flight booking as well as market shares of SpiceJet, which is regarded as one of the leading low-cost carriers in the Indian aviation industry. This increase can be mainly attributed to the number of festive occasions during this period. The domestic air traffic grew by almost 10 per cent in October 2013 as compared to that of the previous month. This popular carrier was placed second in the list of top airlines during this interval after national commercial aviation leader, Indigo.


Like most years, October had the festivals of Durga Puja, Navratri and Eid that was the major reason of almost 50 lakhs people opting for domestic flights. The event of Diwali, which is often considered as the largest festival in the Indian subcontinent falling in the first week of November also contributed to the general increase. The previous year saw air traffic of approximately 45 lakhs people traversing during the same period.

Boost to Market Share

As predicted by industry experts, domestic flight booking was believed to get a boost due to back-to-back festivals during this season. Compared to the passenger traffic in the previous month, October saw an increase of over 12 per cent more passengers opting for flights. This increase has a major contribution from the upsurge in SpiceJet flight booking, which had seen some dwindling business days in the last quarter. However, after this boost, the popular low-cost carrier has currently a market share of 20 per cent. Though, this percentage is lagging by quite some margin as compared to market leaders Indigo, SpiceJet looks to increase its market share further in the coming fiscal. This LCC, which boasted of a load-factor of over 65 per cent, will definitely look to serve its customers in a better way.

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