Overseas SpiceJet Flight Booking may Increase after Aviation Ministry Relaxes Norms

The civil aviation ministry has permitted airlines in India to increase the frequency of flights to South East Asia and Middle East destinations. This move in the civil aviation sector is a welcome change for SpiceJet, considering its ambitious expansion plans. This step will directly benefit the company by boosting its flight booking in the near future.

There are few other airlines, which have also been allowed to start their operations in Dubai and connect Singapore from Chennai and Kolkata. The government nod will not only benefit overseas SpiceJet Flight Booking, but will provide it a platform to prove itself in the international market.

SpiceJet Flight BookingMoreover, these permissions were granted to bring the Indian carriers at par with their international counterparts with regard to the utilisation of foreign flying rights outside India. Taking such a step would lead to more than 50 per cent usage of Indian jets. These figures would make the utilisation higher than the 40 per cent mark achieved by the international carriers.

The usage of foreign flying rights was only 23 per cent in March 2012 when the civil aviation authorities increased it up to 40 per cent. Until this month, the ministry had put a hold on providing fresh rights to carriers who wish to fly to foreign destinations. The freeze was a result of the request made by the government carrier to bar private jets from operating outside the country.

In April, the government had already increased bilateral privileges by almost four times between Abu Dhabi and India. Meanwhile, the administration is also contemplating an increase in bilateral seat rights between India and Qatar. The gulf country is looking for an additional increase in the weekly seats from 24,000 to 72,000. Even though Qatar has used all of its current bilateral privileges, the utilisation by the Indian carriers is still below 10,000 seats.

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