Codesharing enables Indian Carriers to represent Global Aviation Leaders on Their Flight Status

Now that you have booked your flight tickets after thoroughly researching several travel portals, half of the work is done. However, it is important to keep a note of the flight status as the schedule of different airlines keep on changing due to a number of circumstances. There may be situations when the airline, which has sold the ticket to you, will not use its aircraft for your journey. It may seem a bit odd, but this is a general practice in the aviation industry that is referred to as code sharing. This is done for financial as well as marketing purposes, and is an effort by airlines to reach out to more and more customers. Under a codeshare agreement, passengers are offered several advantages like an option to add frequent flyer miles, which can be converted into lucrative deals.

To garner benefits of code sharing, Qatar Airways, which ranks second in the list of top airlines in the world, is now in talks with the leading Indian low-cost carrier- Indigo. This will allow the leading Gulf-based airline to spread its services to more Indian cities, and to place its code on the Indigo flight status. The officials of Qatar Airways are looking forward to this partnership in the near future with the leading low-cost airline in India. If this alliance is finalised, it will open doors for more such international agreements. Indeed, the days are numbered before a Go air flight status will feature the codes of several other carriers of the world on its itinerary. As a result of these partnerships, international as well as Indian carriers will be equally benefited. Passengers will also be treated with world-class services, which are currently offered in luxury flights.

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