International Flights of Virgin Atlantic Rescheduled on Transatlantic Route under Joint Venture

Virgin Atlantic flightAs part of a partnership under its transatlantic bilateral agreement with Delta Air Lines, Virgin Atlantic has revealed its harmonized schedule for summer 2014. To focus on maximum customer convenience, especially for business travellers at London Heathrow, the airline would combine their slots for international flights.

Delta will direct its Heathrow jets from Terminal 4 towards Terminal 3, which is the main base of Virgin Atlantic flight. These jets directed to Terminal 3 include destinations like New York JFK, Boston and Seattle. At this terminal, the business class passengers will also have an access to the Clubhouse lounge.

Better Travelling Experience

According to the authorities of the carrier, a number of improvements by both airlines are under process to provide a better travel experience to customers. Co-location at New-York JFK airport and movement of some business flights of Delta to join the Virgin Atlantic fleet will allow convenient connections and result in enhancing the comfort level.

Delta will soon announce its second daily round-trip flight between Heathrow and Detroit. This service operating under the alliance will start on June 2, next year. The authorities said that the service is targeting corporate customers who arrive early in the morning in London. It will provide more schedule choices to those travelling between the US Midwest and London.

Rescheduling Departures

Virgin Atlantic will also allow schedule changes by shifting the Heathrow-Newark flight departure from late afternoon to morning. It will also change the slot of its Boston-Heathrow route by re-timing the US-bound jet.

This move will offer more flexibility to passengers with Heathrow-Boston service that departs in the morning. Thus, such steps will extend benefit to both these carriers. Apart from coordinating their schedules, they will share their revenues and passengers on a mutual agreement for only transatlantic service. So, jets operational on routes like Hyderabad to New York flights would not get affected.

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