Skytrax Honours Bangkok Airways at World Airline Awards 2013

Bangkok AirwaysThere is a surfeit of international airlines around the world with new carriers foraying into the aviation industry every now and then. All these airlines have to meet certain certification standards, which define their global position. Skytrax is one of the renowned platforms where the services and products of the entire aviation industry are efficiently monitored and judged. This consultancy follows a star rating system, which is regarded as a benchmark in this field. Apart from airlines, Skytrax also awards leading airports across the globe. The company ensures that a healthy competition takes place, thereby leading to the overall betterment of services.

The World Airline Awards for the year 2013 have recently been announced where a number of carriers were awarded for their excellence. Among the ones who stole the limelight was Bangkok Airways, which was awarded the second place in the list of Best Regional Airline in the Asian continent. This boutique carrier was also placed third in the category of Best Regional Airline, globally. These twin accolades have boosted its status among the leading carriers, not only in the continent, but globally as well. Its officials attributed this success to thousands of satisfied passengers and its punctual services with respect to the Bangkok Airways flight schedule.

Bangkok Airways, based primarily at the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand, operates flights to a number of domestic and international destinations in and around Thailand. Its routes generally comprise popular destinations in South Asia like Bangalore to Bangkok flights that aim to tap the tourist population coming to Thailand. As a result, its flights connect almost all major tourist hotspots in Thailand with the rest of the continent.

Punctuality and efficient services are a few plus points that have popularized this carrier on a global platform, which is quite evident from the recently added feather in its cap.

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