SpiceJet to Introduce New Destinations in the New Fiscal

SpiceJet has recently launched two new flights to Bangkok from Pune and Bangalore. At their inauguration, it was unveiled that this popular low-cost carrier (LCC) is planning to start services between Daman and Kuala Lumpur within the next financial year. Currently, discussions are in progress regarding the frequencies of flights and the airfare on the same route. Certainly, if all issues are sorted out, this popular choice of domestic passengers is sure to add this new route into its operations.

Recently, SpiceJet flight fares have seen a minor hike, which was mainly due to the unstable Indian economic conditions as well as the rising jet-fuel prices. However, to counteract these issues, the airline has been looking for a strategic partner. Though, it has been kept strictly under wraps, there has been speculation about alliance possibilities with Tiger Air and Qatar Airways. This has come at a time when there is some possible competition in the domestic sector mostly from Air Asia India. This carrier is expected to start its operations in the Indian subcontinent early next year, with its base in Chennai. However, according to Indian aviation rules, an airline is capable of flying international flights only after five years of domestic flying and having a fleet of minimum 20 aircraft. Due to this reason, Air Asia India will not be able to commence international flights immediately.

One of the major reasons why people prefer SpiceJet over others is because of SpiceJet offers, which are introduced every now and then, to provide a smart deal to passengers. These keeps travellers interested about the discounts and package deals. It has been phenomenal in starting new routes in the last fiscal year. Before that, the only international destinations that it catered to were Kathmandu and Colombo. The international destinations that currently it operates to and from are Kabul, Male, Riyadh, Sharjah and Dubai.

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