Egypt Air to Revamp its Ageing Fleet to Promote Sales of Air Ticket International

Egypt AirEgypt Air is looking forward to revamp its ageing fleet by adding 60 jets and evaluating its Airbus SAS A350 and A380 double-decker as well as Boeing 787 Dreamliner and 777 models. This step is sure to increase tourist traffic, leading to a rise in the sale of air ticket international.

As per the reports, this carrier, which currently has 81 aircraft in service, is all set to take up its fleet to 125 in 2022. This means that 44 new models are to be inducted to the current fleet, which throws light upon the fact that Egypt Air flight services will be started to more destinations around the world. Also, the average-age of a number of models in its fleet is over 15 years, thus requiring replacement as soon as possible. Out of the 60 models that have been ordered, 17 will be employed in this process of replacement in the near future.

This revamping plan comes as welcoming news for the airline after having incurred heavy losses since January 2011. Finance experts had estimated this amount to be a massive 7 billion Egyptian pounds. To save this embarrassment, the airline had to introduce a number of long-haul journeys like Bangalore to Sydney flights. Also, this carrier is expected to exploit its favourable geographical location between two continents that make potentially lucrative aviation markets. Cairo is undergoing immense development and upgradation to become the hub for the airline, thus connecting more nations globally.

After the 2011 debacle, the Egyptian government authorities have been busy with the completion of projects like construction work at Alexandria and Cairo airports as well as at Hurghada on Red Sea that was stopped due to some unavoidable circumstances. These projects are being funded through loans discharged in 2010 from Arab Development Bank and World Bank.

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