Philippine Airlines restart Direct Flights to Europe

Philippine AirlinesOffering cheap international airfare to passengers is the main objective of airlines offering services on short-haul international routes. These carriers mainly fly to different popular business hubs and tourist destinations around a particular locus. Focussing on a niche travel region enables such carriers to grab a fixed number of people, who always prefer to opt these flights for their journey. Connecting popular vacation spots also ensures that regular passenger influx is maintained. Philippine Airlines is one such airline, which after attaining success in its operations across major destinations in the Asian continent, has restarted its services to Europe.

London serves as the gateway to Europe

Philippine Airlines, the flag-carrier of the namesake region, currently flies to 31 international and 29 domestic destinations. After its successful term in the international sphere, this carrier has started commuting flights to Europe after a gap of fifteen years. This has been a landmark event in the history of the airline and has opened doors to a number of other European destinations that have still not been covered by the carrier. The first flight arrived at the Heathrow International Airport in London, which was welcomed by a traditional water gun salute. Now, passengers can avail Philippine Airlines booking to travel non-stop to Europe, which will surely boost its passenger traffic.

There are speculations regarding an increase in the number of destinations served by this airline. The top officials have spotted Moscow as a promising market, leading to talks about operating scheduled flights to this city. Currently, only chartered carriers of this airline operate to the capital of Russia. Other European destinations, which are soon to get connected by this carrier include Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Rome. With these new locations in the pipeline, the focus of this carrier will shift from intra-continental operations like Mumbai Bangkok flights. Philippine Airlines is definitely looking forward to land in the list of elite carriers across the globe in the near future.

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