Austrian Airlines Planning on Increasing its Routes

Austrian AirlinesAustrian Airlines, a subsidiary of the globally famous Lufthansa and the flag carrier of Austria, operates mainly to destinations in eastern Europe, Middle East and North America. Its international services are currently available to these continents only; however, there are plans on extending it. People planning to travel to and from any of these continents can make international airlines tickets booking with Austrian Airways, which has earned a global recognition due to its punctual service and high customer satisfaction.

Easy Booking

Booking of tickets for this airline can be done at the airport-counters. Online travel portals come of great help to those international travellers who hardly have time. For these people, booking of tickets can be easily done with a simple mouse-click. Travel portals on the internet have a detailed description of all information including Austrian Airlines flight status, seating arrangement, availability of seats and in-flight services on their web pages. Also regular updates are posted to keep people informed about every possible change in the schedule of flights.

Hit During Global Recession

Austrian Airlines took a series of blows during the global recession period. This had a huge adverse impact on its business, which led to reduction in the number of its destinations. Also, its fleet size was reduced. However, this popular airline has made a sharp recovery from that slump. It was the first airline to resume its services to post-war Iraq. Also, with time, several old routes were restarted, which has increased its market share to a considerable extent.

This airline also has codeshare agreements with a number of other airlines around the world. Travellers can see an Austrian Airline aircraft even on completely foreign routes, like Delhi to Sydney flights. Also, this airline is targeting long-haul leisure destinations. This will allow it to ferry tourists to popular vacation spots, carving out a niche-population in the number of passengers on its aircraft.

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