IndiGo Leads the List in the Commercial Domestic Aviation Sector

IndiGo has established the benchmark in the domestic sector of the Indian aviation industry as a result of its highly punctual schedule adherance, lowest air fare and efficient in-flight services. This airline offers its services on the low-cost model, which essentially means that the cost of flying is relatively less as compared to full-fledged ones. IndiGo is relatively new to the Indian aviation sector. This carrier initiated its operations in the month of August, 2006 and within a short time, passengers started regarding it as one of the best in the business. Simultaneously, most online travel portals started having the detailed IndiGo flight status as well as other vital travel information on display.

Exceptional Services

The fleet of this low-cost carrier (LCC) boasts of Airbus A320 Neo and Airbus 320, which have the capacity of carrying 180 passengers on a single flight. Since it is a low-cost carrier, the cabin seating arrangement has been categorised into Economy Class only. This popular airline connects to 34 national and international destinations with over 430 flights daily. One outstanding feature of this LCC is the boarding ramp, which allows people on a wheelchair to get passage into its flights at ease. This is a rare feature and only a few airlines around the globe have this facility.

IndiGo flight booking may be carried out at airport booking counters or online. However, online booking is a more favoured option with internet becoming a part of everyday life with most. It is recommended to book tickets from the most popular travel websites as these have all the relevant and updated information and procuring tickets from these is more probable. IndiGo provide passengers with a hassle-free journey at an affordable rate as shown by precise studies of its aircraft on different routes. The success of this LCC has been brightly reflected by the fact that it has grabbed almost one-third market share in the domestic aviation industry in recent past.

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