Go Air Offers Services to Differently-abled Passengers and Pregnant Mothers

Booking flight tickets ensure passengers a seat inside an aircraft. However, while boarding the aircraft, people expect some additional services that might enhance their experience inside flights. These services, provided by most airlines around the world, are mainly focussed to provide support to those passengers, who are unable to board flights with the usual ease. Popular low-cost carrier, Go Air has a list of additional services, which are targeted towards providing people with necessary support, right from checking in to a successful check-out. A Go Air booking entitles passengers with some infirmities or a pregnant woman with additional assistance on-board.

Services to Unfit Customers

Go Air provides exemplary services to those of its customers, who suffer from some sort of physical disorder, leading to hindrance in their movement. Special care of such persons is taken right from the time of check-in, inside the flight and up to check-out. No person is allowed passage inside aircraft who has a potential chance of undergoing a medical problem or death without a Fit To Fly certificate from the consultant physician of that person. Also, such certificate is mandatory for all those people who has undergone a surgery few days before taking the flight.

Services to Expecting Mothers

Flight TicketsThe airline also follows a professional approach while providing passage to pregnant women. Expectant mothers with a valid Go Air flight booking are allowed to fly without a medical permission up to the end of 27th week of pregnancy after which, the lady should possess a Fit To Fly certificate from a certified gynaecologist. However, it should be noted that women post 36 weeks pregnant are not allowed to fly under any circumstances. The mother and newborn are allowed to board a Go Air aircraft only after 7 days of a normal delivery. In the case of caesarean section or abnormal delivery of the newborn, permission for taking the flight is issued only after 2 weeks.

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