Baggage Allowances of Bangkok Airways

Bangkok AirwaysWith more international flights connecting popular tourist destinations around the globe, it has become easy for tourists to take a trip with friends and family abroad. International flight schedules have been customised to suit the preferences of tourists with increased commercial flights to favoured tourist locations like Bangkok, Phuket and Malaysia. This has helped airlines, enthusiastic travellers as well as tourism departments of these destinations to benefit a lot. Bangkok Airways is once such airline, which has concentrated on a number of popular travel routes. It focuses mainly in ferrying passengers on a vacation trip. The aircraft of this airline also compliments the mood of its passengers, with multicoloured decorations on its body, based on landscapes with nature as its theme.

Baggage Limit

Most people on a vacation trip at times in a bid to pack in every essential item overlook the baggage allowances of an airline. After the 9/11 tragedy, all airline globally have become extremely strict and are particular about checking the luggage of fliers. This has called for some efficient planning on the part of the people to avoid any kind of hassles regarding luggage while going on a vacation. It is to be noted that Bangkok Airways baggage allowances limit a certain weight of luggage per passenger. Passengers on the Economy Class are entitled to check-in carrying a luggage of maximum 20 kg. For those availing Business Class, this limit is increased to a maximum of 30 kg. Infants who do not possess a valid journey ticket are allowed to check-in with a luggage of 10 kg at most. It is to be noted that as per the policies of the airline, carrying excess baggage will attract imposing of a fine regardless of which class you are travelling in.

These rules are followed on all aircraft flying with the flag of Bangkok Airways. There are a number of travel portals available on the internet that focus on keeping you updated about these information. So, next time while you are checking the availability of Kolkata to Bangkok flights for this airline, make sure you check other such important information to ensure a smooth vacation.

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