Easy Accessibility of Options has Led to Easy Booking of Flight Tickets

There was a time when the only airline carrying passengers across the country was Indian Airlines. That was when only the elite-class took flights to travel across the country. However, in the past decade, there has been a major surge in the aviation sector in the country, which has led to the emergence of a number of airlines in the country. Now, people have a horde of options to choose from while booking flight tickets. Flying has reduced from being a status symbol to becoming just another mode of transport. Several reasons have contributed in making domestic flying financially affordable and accessible even by the average middle-class.

Number of Options Increased

The most important factor that helped to boost the aviation industry at the domestic level was the rise in the number of options. There was a time in the past when international services were synonymous with Air India and domestic services meant availing Indian Airlines. With the passage of time, however, low-cost carriers entered the aviation sector. These airlines started their business with a comparatively small fleet connecting a number of important destinations within the country. These included the likes of Go Air and IndiGo, who aimed at providing quick transport at affordable prices. The main objective of these airlines was to provide flying services to the common Indian. Slowly, with these low-cost carriers gaining the momentum in the industry, more and more destinations were connected. Today, these carriers have an intricate network connecting most airports across the country.

Internet Services coming within Reach

Previously, booking of tickets meant a visit to airports, standing in long queues at ticket outlets and a whole lot of time sacrificed. With internet becoming a must-have in most homes, completing a Go Air booking has been reduced to as easy an affair with the click of a mouse. Today, the internet is abundant with a plethora of travel portals, each dedicated to provide travellers with a comfortable journey. Planning for a weekend trip? Just take out your laptop, connect to the internet, browse across the options and finalise the trip. The entire tour plan and the formalities including to and fro Go Air flight booking can be completed in a matter of 30 minutes.

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