Bangkok Airways Issues Passes to Celebrate its Anniversary Number 45

In an attempt to celebrate its forty-fifth anniversary, Bangkok Airways has recently launched a huge campaign called PG 45th Year Pass – 45 Baht flights. As per this campaign forty five lucky passengers will be exclusively offered forty five Baht tickets to travel to any place within the range of the network of Bangkok Airways in the year 2014. This new offer is sure to increase the air traffic for this airline, which has been famous for providing lowest international airfare in the past.

Bangkok Airways is an airline from Thailand, with its base in Bangkok. It offers its flights to major destinations in countries, like India, Burma, Laos, Singapore, China and Hong Kong. The Bangkok Airways Airline has a fleet comprising Airbus A319-132, Airbus A20-232 and ATR 72-500. The airline was established in 1968 and has become one of the chief low-airfare providers of pan-continental services.

About the Campaign

Every valid ticket number can be used by passengers for the lucky draw. If a round trip by the same airline is availed, then the chances will be counted as two. For example, a person taking Ahmedabad to Bangkok flights while going as well as returning will be registered twice. This is done to prevent wrong registration taking place from any alteration in the ticket number.

However, the prize is not transferable to a family member or any other relative. The award will be given only to the person whose name has appeared in the prize-winning ticket number. It is to be noted that tickets with S or Z booking class are not eligible for registration. Also, the complimentary tickets are invalid for application. This popular airline is all braced-up to celebrate its anniversary number forty five with grandeur, and people are sure to try their luck at this wonderful opportunity.

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